Growing the Next Generationof Hispanic Leaders

The Student Dreamers Alliance empowers youth to open doors of opportunity

For themselves and for generations to come

The Student DREAMers Alliance (SDA) provides students a space for self-discovery and the resources needed to unleash their potential, develop resilience, and build their own toolbox to position themselves for success and leadership.

From scarcity

to prosperity in one generation

DREAMers are an asset to our country

Given the opportunity, they will build stronger, inclusive, and thriving communities. We believe nothing should stand in the way of a college education—not the lack of financial aid, and not a student’s immigration status.

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Learn what it means to be a DREAMer

Opening doors of opportunity
The ultimate goal of the Student DREAMers Alliance is to cultivate and mentor the next generation of leaders and empower them to open doors of opportunity for themselves and for generations behind them.

For Students

Grab the information you need as you navigate your path to prosperity.

For Funders

Your donations provide avenues of prosperity and help open doors to our Hispanic youth

For Mentors

Support our high school juniors and seniors in Greenville or Charleston with a 1:1 mentorship

Given opportunity & resourcesDREAMers will build an equitable future for all of South Carolina.

A youth leadership accelerator for Hispanic students in South Carolina

Creating community & powerful allies

SDA is an award-winning leadership development program created to empower Hispanic high school students while offering support and guidance as they transition from high school to college and career.

For many students, this process awakens them to glaring inequalities in access to public, post-secondary education for Hispanic youth, especially in South Carolina. Students who are US citizens discover that many of their peers, who have grown up in their neighborhoods and challenged themselves academically, are barred from the assistance they need to attend college. Through SDA, these student leaders are forming long-lasting friendships and building a community of mutual support, empowerment, and advocacy.

Each session builds & cultivates future leaders

Leaders who examplify shining characteristics

Students are enrolled in a 6-month seminar alongside 20 to 24 classmates who meet the following criteria:

  1. Juniors or seniors in high school
  2. High-achieving students of Hispanic descent.
  3. Demonstrated leadership potential.
  4. Exhibit a diversity of perspectives.
  5. Have  commitment to advocating for themselves and others.


Potential students should visit their academic advisors to inquire about the application process.

Since 2016,

Years of Empowering Youth
Colleges & University Attended by SDA Alumni
Alumni Attending University
Hours of Leadership Development
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Hours of Leadership Development

You can help shape our future

Build a better, brighter, & inclusive South Carolina

“My immigration status doesn’t define my potential as a human being.”

“United, we can make something better. SDA pushed me to realize who I am, what I can do.”

“SDA helps students like me feel like they’re a part of something, feel like they’re being supported throughout their path.”


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