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Since 2016, the Student DREAMers Alliance has invested in our youth - our future

Meet the alumni members, these empowered young people will shape our future

Dreamers are an asset to our country, and if given the opportunity, they will build stronger, inclusive, and thriving communities. We believe nothing should stand in the way of a college education—not the lack of financial aid, and not a student’s immigration status.


SDA Cohorts

Since 2016, we have been empowering Hispanic students
Class 1
21 Students
Class 2
15 Students
Class 3
22 Students
Class 4
20 Students
Class 5
20 Students
Class 6
2022-2023 in Greenville & Charleston
44 Students
Class 7
2023 - 2024
48 Students

For Students

Grab the information you need as you navigate your path to prosperity.

For Funders

Your donations provide avenues of prosperity and help open doors to our Hispanic youth

For Mentors

Support our high school juniors and seniors in Greenville or Charleston with a 1:1 mentorship

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